The Long Game

Notre Dame burned the other day. I’m sure you’ve heard.

There are a lot of great places you can go from there. If you want to be politically incorrect and call out the castrati of the establishment, you can wonder aloud why Macron declared in no uncertain terms that it wasn’t arson when the building was still on fire. Or why Fox, vanguard of the Right, hasn’t considered the 800-odd attacks against cathedrals in France over the last year.

That’s all well and good. It’s the battle of the moment, and the battle of the moment ought to be fought. But I’m interested in considering the Long Game.

The builders of Notre Dame considered the Long Game. It took a century to build. The stonework was designed to contain and control the inevitable fires (and succeeded. Relics were evacuated by a heroic priest, and the three rose windows are still standing). There’s a grove of oak trees in Versailles that was planted over a hundred years ago to provide wood for reconstructing it. Everywhere you turn in the fire’s aftermath you see evidence that the keepers of and creators of Notre Dame not only considered this eventuality, but that they understood it to be a historical inevitability.

So it can be restored to its original glory. It won’t even be particularly difficult. And yet. And yet it might.

The Roman Catholic Church doesn’t own Notre Dame. The French Government seized it along with all the other churches during the Revolution. The French Government isn’t really any less spiteful toward Christendom now than then. Sure, they aren’t butchering priests at the moment, but I feel that’s more lack of spine than lack of desire.

Not that it’d be in better hands with Rome. Right now, we’ve got Frankie the Hippie Pope lamenting the idea that anyone (besides the Vatican) have borders. Modern Catholic Churches are as often ugly as Evangelical Churches. There’s no guarantee that the current RCC would replace the roof with something more authentic than a collection of randomly angled and colored stucco cubes.

The war on Beauty is older than you and I, my friend. Far older. And our enemies are playing the Long Game.

Not as long as we used to play. They’re thinking in terms of one or two generations; we used to think in terms of centuries. And there’s the secret.

The forces of Ugliness, Falsehood, and Evil have seized the schools and the media. But we know we can outmaneuver them by playing an even longer game. We know because we’ve done it before. Our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus started his offensive with eleven guys cowering in a guest room. When the last church in the West is burned to the ground, and the gulags are well supplied with the bodies of the faithful, I imagine even then we’ll still be able to scrape together eleven guys cowering in guest rooms.

But… Western Civilization has flush toilets. Barbarian lands like Somalia or Los Angeles, by contrast, have typhus.

So, if I am to love my neighbor as my self, and I would prefer flush toilets to typhus, it follows that I should act to ensure, if I can, that my neighbor has flush toilets rather than typhus. It follows that I should defend and promote the West.


The Long Game. Have children. Build community with your neighbors. Teach your children yourself, rather than turning them over to the indoctrinators. And as for the media…

God has raised up for us the internet. A marvelous invention whereby you may endlessly bypass the gatekeeper and route around the censor.

I plan on making quite a bit of entertainment media. And I hope to promote any media I encounter that serves or promotes the West.

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