31 Days to Masculinity: Day 1

Did 31 DtM in October. Let it fall apart about 2/3rds of the way through and I never did the pushups. I tried. On day 1, I did 30 of 100 pushups, which is when my arms gave out. On day 2, they continued to not lift me. On day four or five, I managed some inclined pushups.

Despite failing the program from day 1, it had multiple beneficial effects. I quit soda pop entirely. I did more pushups than I’ve done since I was actively enrolled in a martial arts school three or so years ago. I finished Hat Trick 1. I began filtering my projects based on how vital they were.

I also quit social media for a month. This time ’round, I’m not doing a social media fast because I’m trying to build a media company. But I’m going to limit when and how I’m on social media. Half an hour before 3PM to compose the sweet, sweet content, and half an hour after 3PM to socialize.

So let’s get into the new round of 31DtM:


This time I’m doing sets of 5, resting a minute or two between to make sure my arms don’t give up. I plan to do 40 upon waking (already done today), 35 in the afternoon, and 25 before bed in this manner. Hopefully this will allow my arms to continue working for the whole challenge.

Short Term Goals

  • Create an ugly prototype of a 8 Lives Left, for testing in January.
    8 Lives Left is a videogame version of Kill Bill, or John Wick, except the hero is a cat who was murdered and now seeks revenge with his remaining 8 lives. Conceived as a cross in gameplay between Link’s Awakening, and Megaman, it has great memetic power, and can therefore launch an indie game company and make media creation my day job.
  • Get all the medical appointments necessary to have my driver’s license restored.
    The state I’m in suspended my license until I get a physical, mental, and visual checkup confirming I am fit to drive. I don’t like driving, so I haven’t taken action to get these done, but it’s tricky getting a better job without a driver’s license. Time to get after it.
  • Create my Little Book
    31DtM is an explosion designed to create momentum. I’ve not succeeded at it once, but it has been transformative. I desire a book I can write in with similar concepts and challenges that I can go through every month that I’m not doing 31DtM. My plan entails:
    • A pocket sized book with spaces to write in.
    • Adjusted to my religious beliefs (for all I endorse Hunter Drew’s book, and I do endorse it wholeheartedly, it is made for a different worldview than my own).
    • Tuned to 28 days with day 29, 30, and 31 being optional, so that the program is completed every month it is done.
    • Challenges are agnostic to the day of the week they are done on since A) there’s no guarantee a given number will land on a given weekday, and B) I work retail, so weekends are not a thing. Both my shifts, and my days off, are completely random.
    • Compatible with a lower level of intensity than 31DtM and a higher level of intensity so that no matter how much or how little I’ve grown as a man, I can use it to maintain my momentum.

Long Term Goals

  • Better Day Job than I currently have
  • Found a Media company that pays my bills.
  • Repair and Pretty Up the house I’m living in.

This blog post will be updated as the day proceeds.

Goals and Steps

  1. 8 Lives Left
    1. 2+ Hours per day working on game
    2. Regular twitter update about game
    3. Fix Laptop/Install Mint
  2. License
    1. Physical Checkup
    2. Mental Checkup
    3. Optical Checkup
  3. Little Book
    1. Create planned monthly flow
    2. List challenges from 31 DtM and adapt to intended flow and personal objectives
    3. Assemble book
  4. Better Day Job
    1. Drivers License
    2. Update Resume
    3. Apply, apply, apply!
  5. Media Company
    1. Continue producing a book or game every other month.
    2. Make intro video for Twitter to help grow my following
    3. Media-related blog post every day
  6. Home Improvement
    1. Finish scouring room
    2. Fix the drapes
    3. Restructure Living Room

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