8 Lives Left and Gameboy Evolutions

I’ve implemented giving and taking damage, and released a gif to that effect on the Twitter.

To which I got the following response:

Yeah, about that…

This month’s objective is to make an ugly prototype. The point is any time spent making it look “sharp” is time wasted.

Which is not to say these are ugly graphics and the final graphics will blow them away (though maybe. One can ponder.) Rather, these were graphics I had already lying around and used rather than make new ones.

Will they end up in the final game? Time will tell. The Scratch (hero) sprite was intended for use in 8 Lives Left. The Zelda-esque tiles were not, but they certainly fit the bill.

But even if the Zelda-esque field doesn’t make it into the final set, there’s a strong chance the final set will have a similar appearance.

My primary inspiration visually is, quite simply, Link’s Awakening, and the Oracle games built on its engine and polished to a blinding gleam by Capcom.

The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons Download Game ...

This is not to say I’ve copied the style. It’s quite obvious I haven’t. But whenever I want to draw something in 8-bit retro pixelart, I first check and see how the Oracle Games drew it, and then I come up with my own solution keeping their solution in mind.

I am operating under different constraints, however. The GBC allowed up to four foreground color palettes and four background color palettes on the screen at a time. Each item or tile had to be one of those eight palettes, and each palette had only three colors, but the available colors to use within those palettes were effectively unlimited.

Both Scratch and his background were created using Arne’s 16-Color game palette. No limitations were put in place other than “Each pixel has to be one of these sixteen colors.”

I do use certain conventions. I avoid black and white on background art, reserving them for interactables.

Again, there is no guarantee I’ll use the Arne 16 for the final game. Scratch uses the Arne 16, but he’s a jet black cat, so there’s not a lot of need for colors for him. I will be constraining myself sharply in order to force a style. But it may not be these constraints. I’ll make those calls when it’s time to create the final graphics for the prototype, which will be in March at the earliest.

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