Monday update

Last week the goal was two pages (e.g. one two-page spread) per day, Monday through Friday.

I only got six instead of the intended ten.

This week, same goal. I want to do twice that, two spreads per day, and I may attempt it on certain days, but I have to stack hay for my brother and get some of the moving in done, so I’m leaving the bar where it is.

Here’s today’s pages.

If you want to see the rest of the storyboards, I’ll be putting them on my SubscribeStar on Friday.

Looking at it, I don’t think a subscription service is necessarily the best way to do this. I will be debating over the course of the week whether I should adjust it, or what. The real idea behind the SubscribeStar, though is not to get the comic early or see behind the scenes… it’s so people who want me to make kids books can help me out with that. The Behind the Scenes bits are just there because why not?

Anyway, ONWARD!

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