I drew a picture today

I put in my 2 pages today (3, actually), and then, for the heck of it, I entered a contest on the internet.

(Yesterday, alas, my progress on Hat Trick was a couple of cards written for the card box seed. I had to stay out of the house while it was fumigated).

The contest is to replicate the following image in one’s own style:


And here is my entry:


This marks the first time since I moved to Minnesota that I did an illustration start to finish. All the drawing I’ve done ’til now has been concept work or draft work. And, as I won’t have a book draft ready to produce for a good while, the pattern seems liable to hold.

  • I need to make complete illustrations a priority. It just has to happen more often.
    • Once a day is too many.
    • Once a week might me the right amount.
  • I clearly have a style, whether I will or no. It looks rough, brutalistic, and a bit amateurish. But this is clearly the way I like to draw. C’est la vie.
  • As a note to myself, I need to slip a couple pages between 10-11 and 12-13. The current switch is too abrupt.

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