I am not a great poet, but setting words to a meter often helps with their learning.

I lift my eyes to you, in Heav’n enthroned;
Ev’n as a slave looks to his master’s hand
Or maidservant, upon her mistress waits
So, too, our eyes look to YHWH, our God
Until His mercy upon us is shown.

Have mercy on us, oh, YHWH, our King!
Have mercy on us! For we’ve had our fill.
Our soul has had more than enough contempt
The proud’s contempt; the scorn of those at ease

From Psalm 123, my apologies to David

Those who trust in YHWH are like Zion
Which cannot be moved but stands forever
Jerusalem stands ring’d
By mountains of the King
Thus YHWH rings His church now and forever

The scepter of all wickedness shall not rest
Upon the land allotted to the righteous
Lest the righteous stretch
Their hands out to do wrong.
Do good, O YHWH, to the noble-hearted!

But those who turn aside to crooked ways
YHWH will lead away with crooked men.

Peace be upon God’s Church!

From Psalm 125, my apologies to David

If YHWH does not build the house
The builders build the house in vain
If YHWH does not watch the wall
The watchman stays awake in vain
To rise up early in the morn
And labor until late is vain
And eat the bread of anxious toil
For He grants His beloved sleep

Children are a heritage from YHWH.
The fruit of the womb is a reward.
Arrows in the hand
Of a fighting man
So are the children of your youth

Happy is the man whose quiver is fill’d
He’ll not be ashaméd at the gate

From Psalm 127, apologies to Solomon

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