Imposter Syndrome?

Here is a panel from an Asterix comic:

I will never be this good.

Here is a bit from Dog Man.

I will never be this bad. And the creator, Dav Pilkey, didn’t even color it. One of the advantages of being a famous producer of authorized children’s literature is you can just do the bits you like.

Mind you, Pilkey can draw. He just chooses not to.

Here’s a bit of One Punch Man.

Cómo hacer tu propio webcomic y publicarlo en Internet sin ...

It’s unpleasant. But we’re all glad One decided to go ahead and do it anyway, aren’t we?

I am unlikely to ever make anything half so gorgeous.

Alright, here’s my work:

Better art than Dog Man and One Punch Man (as for story, I guess we’ll have to wait and see). Worse than Asterix and Black Hops.

So long as actual comic books like Asterix and Black Hops exist, I have no excuse to put on airs and act like I’m some sort of visionary genius.

So long as things like Dog Man and One Punch Man find a market, I have no excuse not to produce and sell my books.

I understand Imposter Syndrome plagues creatives. Well, I think all of us could stand to improve. But if you take an honest look at your own work and at the other work that’s out there, I think you’ll tend to find that while you ought to up your game, your current game may still be good enough to make a few dollars.

Anyway, in my last post I intimated that I’m better suited to vidya than comic books. I wanted to demonstrate to everyone it’s not because I think I’m hopelessly bad at comic books. Its because the areas where I stand to improve the most are also A) areas I’m not especially interested in, and B) areas where I wouldn’t need so much improvement if I were making vidya. It’s a matter of focus and interests, not scathing self-criticism.

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