The Problem of Sasha

Sasha the cat is supposed to be a joke on fanservice in anime. She’s got the schoolgirl look, but there’s midriff, and her boobs are improbably large. It was meant, again, as a joke. But it’s also part of her character arc. She’s not a good person, and she starts out the story playing up her bad side.

You can’t really see that in this picture because these character proportions conceal or downplay those elements. And… I’m almost okay with this.

A part of me is like, “Look, dude, Hat Trick was concieved 15 years ago. At the time, you hand no audience in mind. You make books for 6 year olds now. You are making Hat Trick for 12 year olds. You don’t need a sexy character.”

And it’s not 100% of Sasha’s character or role in the story. If I snipped that bit out, nobody would notice its absence. But a part of me wants to leave it in to be true to the vision.

Here’s all the Sasha Art I can easily get at on this computer.

I need to make up my mind. If I’m going to use the Awesome Moments proportion set, I need to start doing it in comic 1. If I’m going to use a different proportion set, I need to start doing it in comic 1.

The thing is, Sasha is part of the Prince of Games story arc, which comes after the Mort DeVole story arc. She’s not going to be a main character for a long time. But I have to decide now, at the start of the story, if I’m going to axe her sensuality because the art style of the comic needs to be unified.

Again, if I axe it, nobody will ever know the difference. And yet, it’s not 100% gratuitous either. Sasha has to learn to build healthy relationships. That journey is a journey worth showing, especially in this day and age.

Here’s the sculpts with the heads scaled down to 0.7x:

And here’s with heads at 0.6x, and hands scaled down a bit.

At this point, the arms become too thick. I’d need to slender them up. But no, I think 0.7x heads is definitely doable as-is. I think we’ve found the solution to our problem: working at these proportions allows me to kick the can down the road.

I think today, I shall sculpt the Night Mare.


This is not the Night Mare. I did, in fact, sculpt a Night Mare Body, and then on a whim I decided to try decimating it and rigging it.

It worked well enough I decided I’m going to do so for all my characters. But the scale I’ve been sculpting, etc, has been causing workflow issues, so I doubled the scale and went to work on Arthur’s torso.

If you look at the weird fold in the deltoid, you can instantly tell this is useless for games and renders by itself. But for paint-overs, it may do well enough, and for a reference for hand drawings, it should be fantastic.

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