Captain’s Log 0210404.095: Re-re-evaluation

My comic making test has been a resounding success. And yet, it’s too high effort. I can spend a half hour to an hour on a single strip.

That’s fine for making a product I care about selling. In fact, I’d rather spend longer on it. But that’s too much for a first draft. I tried upping the quality and I love it, and yet I also hate it. I don’t want to pour an hour each day into prototyping two strips worth of stuff. I don’t want to constantly redraw characters and backgrounds for strips that might not even see use.

But the pixel art sprite comic also doesn’t work for me because I need to be disconnected and analogue when prototyping.

Basically, the part where I draw this whole comic almost needs to be phase 2 of the process rather than phase 1. I need something even more off the cuff for the prototype. I need something where a single comic is gonna take 10 minutes instead of 30 to 60.

I have considered, before, making a blank monthly journal that I send off to KDP and have them print for me. Give ’em page numbers and an index in the front, and I can just have a shelf in my house that has all of my storm brains findable.

But now I’m remembering the Slip Box stuff I worked with last fall, and I’m considering whether I might be able to combine all these notions and make a system that works for me.

Make initial comics on my cards, one panel per card, with art and writing that makes Cyanide and Happiness look formal and polished. Then, from the stack, put the effort into only those Bunny Trail Junction elements that want to move forward on.

Anyhow, I need to tinker around with it today. So, I guess I’ll get back to ya.

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