Magic Beenz

I have recently noted that the Bunny Trail Junction comic is unfit for purpose. The purpose is to be a rapid prototyping medium that I can then take and publish, but also develop the ideas found in it into full-fledged games, comics, and storybooks. The reason it is unfit is because I put too much effort into it. Half an hour to an hour per strip, or more. I feel too invested in the result to just toss it out.

And I need to toss out a good portion of my work on BTJ. It’s random. It’s going nowhere. It’s a dead end. And that’s fine. Exploring dead ends and discarding them is good. Pouring so much effort into them that I can’t bring myself to discard them defeats the purpose.

So… unless my comic is simplified to the level of Cyanide and Happiness or XKCD, and I can toss off a single episode in 10 minutes or less, I might as well go straight to formula books.

And I am giving that a try, too.

But yesterday I sat down with a trio of books. A Clifford book, which is an example of a series that did quite well despite being well within my league, Animorphs, which is effectively a monthly pulp for young adults.

And Calvin & Hobbes.

I don’t want to abandon the Newspaper comic art form. I love it. Calvin & Hobbes reminds me of why I love it.

So.. simplifying my art style to the level of Cyanide & Happiness or XKCD, then…

D’Aww! They’re little beans!

I’m not sure this is an actual solution to my actual problem or this is going to actually go anywhere. But I like my little beans.

Hey! Beans is a play on beings! Oh! And it’s also a play on Jack and the Beanstalk, because these are magic beans!

I feel like I’ve hit something here.

Anyway, it’s my day off. I’mma play with my magic beenz.


I printed out a template that fits 4 on a page instead of 2. The idea is by forcing myself to work tiny, I’ll resist the temptation to get super detailed. But…

Ye gadz, is that ugly. And if I start applying filters or taking an actual brush to fix it in post, I’m missing the point.

So, I reluctantly tried drawing at the previous size, but using my pentel pocket brush.

I like it, and I don’t like it at the same time. I need to think about it s’more. But this stands a good chance of being the road I take.

Ideally, we make stickers of the beenz and we can just cut them out and plop them in and be done with it.


But then, why aren’t we just doing our Sprite comic?

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