Captain’s Log 21·6 | 03·B

Here’s roughly the neighborhood of where we are:

The navigation is done via the A* project, which in turn, feeds commands to the virtual pad…

Which is *not* how I did it before. Before, I just made the character walk in the direction you clicked, oblivious to any obstacles, and then the virtual pad fed commands to the “click on the ground” components.

What this means is I can reuse my old code for clicking on objects and creating dialogue, etcetera, but I’m going to need to tweak it to play nice with the completely revamped navigation system.

It should be easyish. But I’m having trouble getting started. Maybe because it should be easyish. I may push it eventually, but I spent yesterday getting the pathfinding up, usually a day off, and I only have a couple of hours before I need to clean up and head to my day job for orientation. So I’m letting go of making more progress on the game today for the moment while I get some thoughts down.

Also, I drew this last night. So let it not be said I have not made progress:

Sometimes I consider making a picture book that is just that: pictures. No words. But that is neither here nor there.

Here and There

My final conclusion is I am unfit for corporate life, but nothing kills my art faster than doing it for money, even theoretically. (Picking a project based on a profit margin being an example of doing work for theoretical money). Therefore my only hope, given my specific issues and psychology, is to acquire a day job doing something uncreative (and hopefully physically demanding), and spend my best hours creating whatever I think is best, when it feels like the right time, and may God build a house from my handiwork.

I also don’t want to Kickstart Awesome Moments, although now that I’ve gotten a hardcover copy of it, I’m starting to get an itch to start producing it. If I Kickstart it and it succeeds, I’ll feel beholden to a bunch of backers of wildly different theology.

But I didn’t set out to create Awesome Moments to make the most milquetoaste transferal of Christian faith possible. I made it so my child would have a record of my creed. If the Romans and the Baptists and all the other guys can use my books, that’s great. But I’m not going to willingly take on extra peer pressure from sects that I think are less than completely orthodox.

My day job must be like tentmaking for Paul. By ensuring I am not beholden to the choir, I can ensure when I preach to the choir they are confident I’m not there to tickle their ears.

Bah. It’s time to get ready for my town trip and orientation, and I’ve not gone anywhere on my game. I knew this was going to happen. Well, I’ll bring the laptop with me. Maybe I’ll have a chance to get something done in the break room.

4 thoughts on “Captain’s Log 21·6 | 03·B

  1. The cloud scene makes me feel nostalgia for old childhood games like Pajama Sam. Has a very good, whimsical adventure feel to it!

    I also struggle with whether my art is to be a moneymaker or just art (maybe I’ll write my own blog post about that), on top of combining Christianity and fantasy. Hopefully we will both understand our paths well!

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