Captain’s log L7-71

I was assembling Bunny Trail Junction for August, and that necessitated making introductions to each of the lines of comics therein. Dronefu didn’t end up making the cut, but I didn’t know whether it would going in, so…

And indeed, platfomers have always been my interest. But, you know, metroidvanias in general and pixelart metroidvanias specifically are overdone.

Nobody’s done right by Megaman X yet, though.

I’m not switching projects. Or rather, I’m not reswitching projects. My commitment is to produce more than one Bunny Trail Junction comic per day, and one month’s worth each month. A video game has more interest for me — and more financial upside. But I’m not committing to anything bigger than the comic unless and until I’ve gotten my ADHD sorted out.

Or at least, that’s my decision for now.

That doesn’t stop me from toying with ideas. How could it? That’s literally my damage. So today, forced to call out by non-Covid-related covid symptoms, I tried tinkering with Dronefu a little. Ended up sculpting a character.

Dronefu is in a very real way a game that’s designed to be everything I could want in a game both to play and to make. But I can feel in my bones it’s not ready yet. Some element is missing that I haven’t found.

As for the comic, work proceeds apace. I need to draw five or six pictures to serve as endcaps, get far enough into the month to know what I’m doing for September, get a test print, and figure out the website. But I’ve got 3/4ths of the month left to do it in.

I think frankly, I’ve already bitten off a bit too much. But that just means I need to figure out where to streamline. I’ll take a look at it tonight.

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