Captain’s Log LA•SC: SMART Goals

As paperwork I have to do, I have to submit a business plan to various places that includes a list of SMART goals, defined thus:LA•S•4 What is a SMART Goal?

  • Specific: The goal is a single, atomic thing.
  • Measurable: You have a definite description of what finished looks like.
  • Attainable: You know you can do it.
  • Relevant: It aligns to my Values and moves towards my Objectives
  • Timed: I have a schedule. I know when to do it, and when it should be finished.

I can see how that might be useful. It strikes me as a bit corporate-speak, but as I need to fill out the information, I might as well do it.

While I have not written them in that precise format, I’ve compiled a grand list of all my plans. Doing so helped force me to come to terms with the fact that I cannot possibly pull them off, and my new plan is to sit down and make a new plan.

For your edification, here is the current list:

LA•P•2•6•1•9 Current SMART Goals

  • SMART Goal LAS51: Awesome Moments 1 Kickstarter 1: Run a 30-Day Kickstarter Campaign for funding to finish the draft of Awesome Moments 1 for $3000. It has the following variants:
    • LAS51•0: The Kickstarter does not fund. Evaluate why for relaunching Kickstarter at an unspecified later date.
    • LAS51•X: I cancel the Kickstarter. I perform a post-mortem as in LAS51•0.
    • LAS51•1: The Kickstarter funds. I rush to try and get the product out by Christmas, prioritizing it above all other things in November and December.
    • LAS51•2: The Kickstarter funds. I spend November on SMARTGoal LAS52, then launch into producing Awesome Moments in December, aiming for the promised Easter Release.Current Analysis: Because I have more than one plan for October, I simply have not given the Kickstarter the focus it needs to succeed. I presently believe every Kickstarter going forward should be the sole plan for a month, or else I should dedicate an entire month solely building and hyping it, while planning and scheduling the promotional events, and then run it while doing one other thing (preferably working on the project being Kickstarted itself, so as to maintain interest and hype).Due to the Single Project Principle, and my switching to plan LAS5X, I am most likely to execute LAS51•X. Optimal times for an Awesome Moments 1 Kickstarter 2, incorporating this analysis, are February 2022 (M2) for an Easter release assuming production during the Kickstarter (and January, M1, spent building and planning it), October 2022 (MA) for a Christmas Release that year. At present, I favor the MA relaunch.
  • SMART Goal LAS52: YouTube Story Exploration: It is said any artist can support himself with 1000 loyal fans, but I only have ten or so. I believe this is because I need to go where my audience is, and thus far, I have not. LAS52 takes place over the course of a month following LAS51: Awesome Moments 1 Kickstarter 1. So, November in case of LA51•0, LA51•X, or LA51•2. Otherwise, January or February. LAS52 has the following components:
    • Once Per Week, explore ways to get my stories to children. E.g. Google other social media. Consider conventions, school distributions, events, etcetera. Make notes and follow up on them.
    • Produce Pastor Fiene’ Christmas Story motion comic to learn video-editing and motion comic production.
    • Produce Jump the Shark and the Pirate Princess as a YouTube video.
    • When that is done, produce a new “kids’ pulp” story as YouTube video.
    • Evaluate whether this can be a weekly occurrence and whether I want to produce stories in this way.
    • Cut off these activities during the last week of the month, regardless of how far I am, and evaluate what has transpired thus far.
    • Make a new plan based on this evaluation.
  • SMART Goal LAS53: Make Bunny Trail Junction Refit Plan: Bunny Trail Junction the comic was created with the idea that if I run a daily web comic of whatever I feel like doing, it can serve simultaneously as a prototype of my books, games, and comics, a publicity source for my books, games, and comics, and a hub for my books, games and comics. This comic has been running since August, and it has done well.. but it has not garnered much publicity, nor is it possible for me to maintain it and make books, games, and comics for sale. Moreover, more than half the comics are sprite comics of me brainstorming, which should be separated out into my ZettelKasten, rather than existing as filler. Thus, it needs to be retooled or refit so that it can serve these purposes. Plan LAS53 is to simply schedule a time to devise a plan to do this. Here are items for consideration:
    • Reduce the comic to 3 episodes per week in 2022, and publish bimonthlies instead of monthlies.
    • Put the comic on Hiatus in January 2022. Publish the bimonthlies starting with February-March of 2022. Inktober can be its own issue as with 2021, to maintain continuity and scale.
    • Consider a draft pair of storybook pages in a 15-beat kids’ pulp book as a viable format for a daily issue.
    • If YouTube stories work out, consider YouTube episodes as a viable format for a daily issue.
    • Devise a story set in game world, so that sprite-comics may be used to tell stories, so that a large backlog of stories may be quickly generated.
  • SMART Goal LAS54: Finish Prelude To Nightmare: refers to a videogame I made with the intention of releasing alongside Hat Trick comics in November 2021. The game is technically complete, but I would like to add many features before I release it, including:
    • Enemies that fight back
    • Health
    • A defense mechanic
    • A run mechanic.
    • A larger and more interesting worldI have implied but not stated I will release it on All Saint’s Day. My preference would be to release it on Halloween. However, I introduce the game in Bunny Trail Junction on November 9th, and I am willing to consider delaying release that long so it can be better. I am also willing to cut it off on Halloween as a terrible game with unfinished enemies, and proceed directly to LAS55: Devise and Choose a Game Tower.
  • SMART Goal LAS55: Devise and Choose a Game Tower: is a follow-up to LAS54: Finish Prelude To Nightmare.A Game Tower is a game development technique wherein you make a miniature game that is a Complete Game that implements a core mechanic of some larger game you would like to make. Then you release and sell that game. Then, on top of that miniature game, you build a larger miniature game that has an additional component. In this way, you build a tower that grows towards the dream game you wish to make, while also funding that game and expanding your finished library. I have devised in the past two game towers. One based on my favorite game, Link’s Awakening, and one based on an unfilled gaming niche where I think I can do some good. This plan involves the following steps:
    • Go through my blog posts, design documents, and twitter rants about these two projects, and make notes on the information.
    • Cross-link and analyze it properly.
    • Choose which tower to pursue.
    • Choose which game to make next.Because the game contributes highly to the comic and YouTube videos, this strongly depends on LAS53: Make Bunny Trail Junction Refit Plan.
  • LA•S•5•6 Business SMART Goals – Plan LAS56 Make a New PlanOver the last month, I have taken on too many projects to effectively execute any of them. Almost all of the intended projects are listed in the current draft of the business plan as the LAS5-series goals. I have listed them, even though I presently plan to cancel most of them and start anew, because what I end up deciding to do will doubtless be made from the pieces of the goals.This goal is to, this week, preferably this day, come up with a new, sustainable Plan A. A project that takes into account the Single Project Principle, my ADHD Action Plan, My Audience, and my Objectives. I should consider the problems each LAS5-series plan was considered to address.
    • My Audience is 10, and
      • I am perfectly happy to give them picture books.
      • I need to go where they (and their parents) are to make a living.
        • That’s not Twitter
        • Or Craft shows either
    • I cannot do more than one project at a time, and I should plan accordingly.
      • I can get ahead of Bunny Trail Junction by working on it full time, but I cannot maintain it while doing another project.
        • Consider going to 3 comics per week
        • Consider a hiatus
        • Consider cribbing comics from other projects
    • Neither Awesome Moments’ first Kickstarter nor Hat Trick: Prelude to Nightmare is what it should be due to my failure to consider the Single Project Principle. Can I rescue them?
      • Probably should cancel Awesome Moments.
      • Need to reconsider Game Towers.

        That plan will be LAS57. This is the plan to make that plan starting now.

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