Captain’s Log LB•G1: Settling the Plan

When I abandoned the Hat Trick Minigame, it was here:

2D Pixelart

Over the last week, I have spent about 16 hours on game dev, most of which was building a new engine here:

3D Pixelart

This has led to the following observations:

  1. SpryTile for Blender is very nice. It does what I need and more.
  2. I like the look of a 3D pixel art world. I’m not unhappy with the direction this is taking.
  3. Godot has a button that creates collision meshes for your 3D models. Super helpful.
  4. I have to put the camera at a lower angle than I want, or else the character’s billboard will clip into the walls, even though the walls are angled away to achieve the “Zelda” perspective.
  5. I’m just not sure how to handle the attack animations. Sword at a flat (e.g. realistic) angle? Billboard it but move it so it doesn’t clip into the ground?
  6. 4 and 5 have me considering if maybe the JRPG is a better path to take this down, as the angles of the billboard and the world make, e.g. sword swings complicated, but fit the perspective I had chosen for the RPG fairly nicely.
    JRPG engine
  7. This is not something I’m taking super seriously, at this point, but it is not entirely off the table because…

The Other Stuff

I spent about 8 hours last week transferring data from my blogs and brainstorm documents into my ZettelKasten. This is something that needs to happen for optimal production of all my projects, but to get it all in will take weeks, even if I do nothing else. So I can’t possibly focus on it full-time. I have to spend most of my time building something.

I lost four hours to social media this week. Time I wanted to spend working. I spent 4 hours on social media that was planned, working alongside the upload of the last bits of November’s Bunny Trail Junction.

I spent zero hours last week working on my business plan, which I need to finish in order to continue securing sustenance funding. And there’s a bit of a rub. Working on the business plan solidified why my plan for October was a bad idea. Finishing it, then, should come before I commit to a project because it will allow me to quantify the candidates and weigh them more accurately.

Moreover, I must work on the business plan until it is done. So if I work on a game in November, I won’t be just working on the game. It’ll be sharing time with the business plan. But the last game already showed that trying to complete more than one project at a time is a non-starter for me.

Moreover, moreover, I’ve got a hankering to make a nice, short kids’ book again. I haven’t done one since I moved. I’ve storyboarded Hat Trick 1. I’ve storyboarded Awesome Moments. Both of those are huge, like 80 pages apiece. A nice little book, 30 pages, complete story… that would be swell. And I’ve got some notions for great ways to do books.

  • Switch from 6×9 to 8×9 so that the two-page illustrations are screen-sized.
  • Make shorter Bible Story Books for the Awesome Moments line that are just copy-pasted Scripture from the WEB, and my illustrations.
  • There’s a prayer book I’ve been meaning to assemble. Be nice to have my prayers on hand.
  • Set up Piqha dioramas using SpryTile.

Am I really sure that Vidya is Prime?

Well, yes. A little. I don’t know…

I had better prioritize getting that business plan finished.

Plot Twist!

And then, at the end of the week, I got a contact from a religious YouTuber I follow who is trying to start up a comic book company that will launch next year, and he’s seen my art and wants to pay me to draw a comic for him.

And the resulting discussions and negotiations have utterly blown apart the possibilities. I reallyreally need to get that business plan finished.

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