I like to post pictures as I make a painting on the Twitter and then look at how things have changed over the course of a piece, but I’m not doing Twitter this month.

So, here. I got a late start.

Studying this picture by some guy with more skillz than me:

And, here’s the sketch, only I’ve already started turning it into a painting.

And later…

I think I’m gonna take a break, get everyone brunch, and come back to it with fresh eyes.


Think I’ll call this good for now, maybe revisit it next week.

Piqha Card

A bit of a write up on the Piqha from the List of Projects.

It all started with the first video game I made. It was called Win Dozer. You had a bulldozer-shaped space ship, and you shot down the windows logo. Very edgy. Anti Microsoft. Wasn’t I the 1337 h4x0r.

Made in Microsoft Visual Basic for Microsoft Windows 95. Self awareness fail.

Here’s a panel from the story screens, with a modern remake underneath because I’m just as bad as Hollywood.

Linus the Scuzzy

I called the creatures “scuzzies” at the time. Later I would rename them piqha. I’m not sure why. I like the name. It fits. And I like the letter Q.

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A Brief(?) Write-Up of Re-Tail

Scott Adams posits six dimensions of humor. People find something humorous if it is:

  • Clever (e.g. a pun or wordplay)
  • Cute
  • Bizarre
  • Familiar
  • Naughty
  • Cruel

Not everyone finds all six dimensions funny. In fact, most people are only amused by one or two of the dimensions, and some people have no sense of humor at all, relying instead on social cues to know when to laugh (which is why laugh tracks on sitcoms are a thing).

A professional joke tries to hit at least two dimensions. To be cute and bizarre, or naughty and clever, or familiar and cruel. The more the better. A superb example:

Image may contain: text that says 'Death flashed before my eyes WTF CS'

Clever (a pun), Bizarre, and Naughty. Arguably, it is also Cruel.

A professional humorist tries to hit all six over the course of several jokes, and accepts that most of his jokes won’t hit with most of his audience, but everyone in the audience will remember one or two that cater to his tastes.

Naturally, a comic strip is well advised to bake in as many of these factors as possible.

I’m going to show you how the pros do it, and then you’ll be set to understand the concept of Re-Tail.

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This week in making Kids’ books:

Having converted to the deck box method of making books, this week’s goal is to continue to seed my box. At least a couple of cards each day.

On the theory that Awesome Moments is the cluster most likely to be harvested next, and having done some “3D sketches” to get my knack back:

Each day, after seeding my deck, I intend to complete or retopo a sculpt to build up a library of pieces to use in future books. And I think I’ve worked out a guiding principle. I decided to post a challenge to teh twitterz (sic):

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I drew a picture today

I put in my 2 pages today (3, actually), and then, for the heck of it, I entered a contest on the internet.

(Yesterday, alas, my progress on Hat Trick was a couple of cards written for the card box seed. I had to stay out of the house while it was fumigated).

The contest is to replicate the following image in one’s own style:


And here is my entry:


This marks the first time since I moved to Minnesota that I did an illustration start to finish. All the drawing I’ve done ’til now has been concept work or draft work. And, as I won’t have a book draft ready to produce for a good while, the pattern seems liable to hold.

thoughts occur

I’ll Die Well

A song sung by a fictional Celtic Metal band in a book I may one day write. Also sung by me before doing hard things because it puts me in a mood to give my all.

I’m lost and alone
Outgunned and surrounded
The hammer is falling
I can’t see around it,
And I’ll die well.

Death crawls from beneath me
Death falls from the sky
I’ve lived by the sword, now
The sword bids me die
And I’ll die well.

I’ve picked out a hill; drawn a line in the sand
And there will I fall because there will I stand
So come for my blood all ye forces of Hell,
And I’ll die well!

I push through my weakness and laugh at my pain
The strength of my foe shows the worth of my name
So try and unshackle me from this life’s fetter,
And I’ll die well!

But first you’ll die better.


A Christmas Song of my own devising:

Little old man with a big white beard,
In the town of Myra he is loved and feared,
‘Cuz he’s generous to a fault
With his fists in a sudden assault.

Cross him once, you might die.
He’s a storm of Justice in a blood-red sky.
When the man says jump, the wild beasts fly!
And they call him Nick.

It’s funny that you think that’s fat.
He’s got the Gospel of Matt as a prison tat;
He’s defending the faith with a baseball bat!
Jolly old Saint Nick.

So don’t be bold, wolf in the fold.
Sometimes a heart of gold just means it’s metal and cold.
When the Good Lord comes for the dead and the quick,
Quickest fists is gonna be Saint Nick

Cross him once, you might die.
He’s a storm of Justice in a blood-red sky.
Santa slays when the moon climbs high!
And they call him Nick!

I think I might work it up as a children’s book and read it in place of The Night Before Christmas to my offspring.