Building Castles out of Soap Bubbles

I recently ran across a take by C.S. Lewis on eschatology. His concept of the end times is that the point of end times passages is not so that we can play Pin the Tail on the Antichrist, but to put our actions in perspective. Christ might return in a thousand years. We’d better make long-term plans and brace ourselves for the long haul. Christ might return tomorrow. We’d better not neglect our neighbor today.

His point was that it is good to plant oaks in whose shade you will never rest. But if you prioritize the long game to the point of actively harming those around you, and Christ decides to end the show tomorrow, that would be pretty embarrassing, wouldn’t it?

Lewis was writing before Eugenics was a dirty word. When everyone thought “if we only let science do whatever it wishes, we shall cure death and suffering in a few years,” instead of having the general distrust for boffins in white coats which the technocrats have earned for themselves in the intervening years. At the time, the idea of breaking a few eggs to make a civilizational omelette was in vogue in a way it isn’t now (though sadly, as a culture, we’ve rejected it not because it is wrong, but because of the teh feelz).

His take, however, ties in quite well to thoughts I’ve been entertaining of late.

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How to use Alphabeasts

I made a book that’s designed to help teach the alphabet and even basic phonics!

The main idea is just to have a character for each letter that is cool and fun and interesting so that kids memorize the characters for the sheer joy of doing so, just as they memorize the characters on their favorite trading cards.

And toward that end I hope to one day make Alphabeast trading cards and individual books for each Alphabeast where that character has an adventure in a six-minute bedtime story. No attempts to educate. Only to entertain. Just to make each character maximally fun.

But suppose you want to educate. How do you teach your kid the letters using Alphabeasts?

I’ll tell you how

A Mission Statement of sorts

As I see it, there are two ways to win the culture war and save civilization.

  1. Men of the West should have as many children as possible and raise, catechize, and educate them themselves.
  2. Every pro-western creator should crank out as much media of as high quality as possible, and every man of the west should spend their entertainment dollars on these products over and above the works of media companies that hate the West and want it to die.

The left did not tear down our society with laws and judges. Sure, they’ve used laws and judges as the coup de grace, but the fight was won by Hollywood and the public school system, and the ground can only be retaken by educators and entertainers.

I consider this a worthy fight because the difference between Christendom and not Christendom isn’t just the freedom to practice my religion in peace. It is the difference between places with indoor plumbing, like Poland, and places with typhus, like Los Angeles.

I intend to use this blog however I please. Whenever I place a limit on what I intend to blog about, the blog gets abandoned, whereas blogs where I chew the fat however I like tend to get some staying power. But my focus in life will be on entertainment and education, and that is where my focus on this blog shall likely be.