Like it or not, I have a Style..

So, I just made this post because I wanted to use WordPress’s gallery feature to stick these images side by side.

But I think it’s worth saying I feel like I am about to dive in and finish Hat Trick. No promises today. Gonna try and tinker with the plot, get the ending properly sorted. And I need to talk theology of vocation with my pastor tomorrow. But I feel like it’s about time.

Anyway, my preferred style would be somewhere between Bill Watterson and Johannes Helgeson (warning: Not Safe for Work)

What I do is clearly not that. It’s more like a cross between Mario Strikers and Robert Crumb. Try as I might, I can’t brink myself to ink a picture and not break out the hatching! Maybe after I’m done with my next book, I should take a month or two and just do studies…

One thought on “Like it or not, I have a Style..

  1. I think your style is fine and even good.

    TBH I’ve never considered Watterson’s style the strongest comic art style (though it’s not bad either). I always thought some of Watterson’s art was good but his habit of leaving lines open or overlapping looks sloppy to me. Also, the picture on this page of Helgeson’s style to me looks rather generic. Not that it’s bad, but it looks like countless other artists’ 3D-ish art.

    So I wouldn’t be upset with the style. (I don’t consider myself much of a visual artist but besides pictures where I try for realism I can’t say I really have a particular style at all…)

    On the story itself, I’m getting a bit of a Gammage Cup feel, with a mysterious enemy and swords that light up and blaze when they approach.


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