Captain’s Log 0200928.105 That Point of Inflection…

Storyboarded 50 and 51, lettered and paneled 52 and 53.

On track to be on track for the week. And by tomorrow, I will be done with the portion of the book that overlaps what I have done before. On to the part I’m actually worried about.

There is a moment in every project where I feel like it’s not worth pursuing. That moment is now. I’m making a black and white comic book to sell on Amazon. My art is good but not great. I’m using KDP, and thus don’t have foil covers.

There’s no real chance this will get big and make me a bazillion dollars. It’s a book, it’s not acceptable to the Powers that Be, and I suck at advertising. If I want to feed my family and tell stories, vidya is definitely where it’s at, not comics! I should make my RPG.

But it’s Hat Trick. I gotta get this story out, even if it’s an episode at a time. If I die, and it’s available to purchase and read, that’s an accomplishment.

Anyway, I’ve kept the momentum going. Now I am free to dick around.

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