I only got 2 or three hours to paint on this, and I feel like I need a solid 8-12 hours to produce a final painting. But already I dislike where it is going.

I don’t dislike the concept sketch though. It suggests a final product I could be quite pleased with. But how do I get from here to there?

Should I do successive refinements leading to a printout across 4 pages of 8.5×11 with each page of the final book being inked across two pages? Should I kickstart funds for a big printer/scanner? Should I try to ink in vector art? Should I suck it up and see the painting to the end, wherupon I discover the lameness in this muddy middle was merely an awkward growing pain?

I’m not sure. But it’s good to ask these questions now, because I feel the answers are just beyond my fingertips.


The goal is to have a process of successive refinement. I compose the text and pictures together; I edit the pictures and text together. The final pictures and final text come together at roughly the same time.

The final picture will necessarily be a process that takes hours; up to a whole day. I want to make the best possible thing I can. The initial picture needs to be something I can toss off in a couple minutes so I can crank out the storyboards in a handful of days.

The current prototypical process handles that initial bit well. It’s transforming the initial picture into a final picture that I do not feel I have a good solution to.

On 6×9 and smaller books, I can print the original sketch out blown up, and then draw and ink over it in meatspace. It’s a good process, but not suited to larger books without

A) Equipment I don’t have or…
B) Elaborate workarounds.

I’m going to be watching some speed paints / art tutorials to see if I can magic up a process.

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